Hair Transplant is one of the leading solutions for hair loss and it is powerful recovery treatments for baldness in the world. Most of the young generation is suffering from hair loss and because of this they are losing their confidence. The treatment is done with the back of the head prone to baldness. In this specific treatment specialists transplant hairs to the bald areas of the head. This hair therapy helps those people who lose their enormous hairs. These days finding the best hair transplant Clinics is not an easy task because of competition and it might also arise a lot of queries in the mind of people whether a specific health Centre will provide the best results or not.

Thus, If you are looking to plan for getting a transplant and are interested to find out about the specialists. Here at Demic World you can find the list of best hair transplant clinics in Chandigarh. So, that it helps you a lot to find the best one. 

Hair Transplant In Chandigarh:

Reviva Clinic:

This center was founded in 2008. The founder of Reviva clinic is Dr. Pradeep Sohi. It has become one of the best trusted clinics with more than 10,000 satisfied customers. The most significant thing Dr. Pradeep Sohi prepared their employees about the advanced techniques of surgeries. Now this specific organization has become one of the best hair surgery clinics in Chandigarh.

Address:- S.C.O. 1, 2 & 3 Opposite James Hotel, 17D, Chandigarh 160017

Contact no:- 98766 22007

Timings:- 9:00 AM to 6 PM

Neo Graft Clinic:

Neo Graft is one of the best hair transplant and treatment clinics in Chandigarh. This clinic was founded in 2010. Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj (MBBS, MD) is the founder of the Neo graft hair clinic. They deliver the best outcomes for their services from the past 10 years. All employee of Neo graft is too intense about their services.

Address:- S.C.O 3009-3010 second floor Sector 22 d

Contact no:- 9041999199

Timings:- 12:00 PM to 6 AM

Darling Buds Clinic:

This Hair Transplant Center specializes in Follicular Unit Extraction methods. Dr. Bhatti is the founder of darling buds hair transplant Center. This is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Chandigarh. Darling buds hair transplant Center provides world-class treatment at very affordable prices.

Address:- SCO 73-74-75, 3rd Floor, Above Hot Millions-One, Sector 17-D, Chandigarh

Contact no:- 9814531111

Timings:- 9:00 AM to 6 PM

AK Clinic:

AK Clinics is a perfect hair transplant clinic which uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. They provide surgical and non-surgical hair treatments. Their team of qualified surgeons provide maximum density hair that looks natural. AK clinics have a long years of experience in the craft of hair restoration and transplantation.

Address:- SCF 89, Chandigarh Sector 47d, Chandigarh – 160047, Opposite kendriya Vidyalaya

Contact no:- +9101722632618

Timings:- 9:00 AM to 6 PM

Dr. Kalia’s Novena Clinic:

Dr. Deepak Kalia has more than 10 years experience in hair transplant. He is one of the best hair surgeons in Chandigarh. His main aim is to make the patient’s life beautiful. Novena clinic also provides the free consultation for the treatment.

Address:- SCO 316, 40D, Sector 40D, Chandigarh, 160036

Contact no:- 81462 66227

Timings:- 9:00 AM to 7 PM


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