When electrical safety measures are ignored cases of electrical emergencies keep rising. Even improper earthing or grounding too leads to a rise in electrical emergencies. Consistent short circuits, sparks, electrocution or shock are results of some kind of electrical or the other. These incidents however small may lead to a severe disaster claiming lives and damaging properties just any time. Hence these should not be tackled with DIY approach. Professional expertise is required to sort out such issues.

However the tragic fact is most people are grossly unaware of the necessary steps to take in such situations. A group of emergency electricians in London has few tried and tested tips to share to bridge this gap. Let us explore what they have to share in the following section. Keep in mind if the tips do not work, just waste no time and call an electrician who provides emergency services immediately.

Electrical Fires

Common factors that are mostly responsible for fires resulting from electrics include the following:

  1. Low quality wires
  2.  Short circuit
  3. Improperly installed outlets
  4. Damaged or broken appliances

If there is an electrical fire in your home you should try out the following steps:

1.  Promptly switch off the main power supply to the property.

2. Try unplugging your devices, equipment and gadgets (slip on heat or fire resistant gloves before attempting the unplugging).

3. If it is visible fire, use fire extinguisher to put out the flame (else your attempt will at least prevent it from spreading).

4. Send out alarms to alert everyone in the building about the ongoing crisis.

5. Everyone should stay at safe distance from the affected area.

6.  Do not try touching the burnt outlet, the equipment or its metal accessory with bare hands.

7. If the fire steadily keeps spreading or is significant just evacuate the building along with pets.

8. Last but nevertheless the least, contact an emergency electrician immediate.

Electric shock

Electric shocks or electrocution is undeniably something utmost serious it can cause severe damage like high-degree burn, arrhythmia, heart attack and even death. To avoid electric shocks get rid of exposed wires, damaged equipment and faulty outlets.

In these circumstances you should try to:

  1. Switch off the power connection immediately to prevent coursing of electricity through damaged or faulty electrical components.
  2. Do not even attempt touching the affected area with bare hands or conductive material.
  3. If the electrocuted person becomes unconscious, perform CPR and call emergency medical assistance immediately without any delay.
  4. Do not try touching the victim until the main switch has been turned off. Touch them only when they are not in contact with faulty device, equipment or wire that caused the shock.
  5. If the shock resulted from earthing or grounding issue, turn off all equipment and item connected to the electrical system immediately.
  6. Slip on rubber gloves and shoes before going near the affected area.

Fallen power lines

Immediately after a strong storm it is often seen that electrical power lines fall creating a dangerous situation for everyone living in the area. What should you do in such circumstance? Here are some tried and tested tips from our friendly electricians.

  1. Place a call at the concerned helpline service and report the emergency situation.
  2. Maintain at least a distance of 40 metres from the fallen line.
  3. If possible make a warning sign mentioning there is a fallen power line and place it near the affected area so that people can see it easily.
  4. Practice restrain from getting near to conductive elements or materials.
  5. Under no circumstance try to touch and pick the line (do not allow anyone else do it either)
  6. Call for emergency medical assistance if someone gets electrocuted from the fallen line.
  7. If it starts raining or the fallen power line comes in contact with water in any way, just shut yourself indoors.

Tips to choose reliable electricians near you

Now you have already been aware about the right steps to take during electrical emergencies. But something crucial is still left unsaid. Apart from taking the right steps during an electrical emergency you must have a reliable electrician whom you can reach out and ask for help.

The question is how to reach out to that tradesman? An emergency electricians in London shares the following tips to recognise the right professionals easily to handle these crisis situations.

  1. Run a real-time search in and around your locality for a reliable electrician
  2. Zero in on someone with an excellent reputation
  3. Make sure your shortlisted candidate is willing to take calls 24/7 and work around the clock as because an electrical emergency may occur any time

In addition to the tips mentioned above, make sure the tradesman has the right qualification and training along with a valid license and insurance coverage.


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